Active List(ening)

I’ve been complaining about not being able to find some sort of magical aggregator for all of the interesting audio tidbits that are popping up on the internet.

Things that aren’t podcasts, or youtube channels, or any of those other standard and locatable platforms.


Since I never have time to listen to things when I find them, and then spend hours looking for where I stashed the link, I’m just going to aggregate them all here on the new mainpage gadget, mostly so I can find them when I look.

** update!!** mainpage gadget hugely annoying to maintain, so, its been replaced by a tumbler feed…. stay tuned for updates!

Perhaps you too will find it useful.

From Foucault’s lecture series at Berkeley to contemporary Palestinian filmmakers reflecting on the state of the art, these are some of the gems that will appear:


  • Walter Benjamin: Piet Mondrian 63–69 — The posthumous lectures of a German thinker who overdosed at the Franco-Spanish border in 1940 as WWII got ugly(er). A revolutionary copy, a way to think old and new otherwise…
  • Lectures on Gramsci — Series of four lectures delivered by radical academic. cool.
  • Architecture and Revolution: The Arab City — Conference Recording, held at Columbia, Timothy Mitchell keynote (also in here links to the other presentations, most worth watching, lots of blahblah though, just fastforward like you wish you could do at the conference)
  • and many more

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