Older than civilization

Meet “Bedouie” the 5,000 year old Olive tree that lives in the village of Walaja southwest of Bethlehem.

The original tree is at the center, its about two meters thick, and there are second and third generations of trees that sprouted up around the tree.

Japanese and French specialists visited the tree in 2006 and verified it was between 3 and 5,000 years old.

Civilization as we know it began to develop 5,000 years ago.

Homo sapiens started planting and caring for agricultural products and started settling into communities….

Just imagine, this tree could have been the first one planted by humans to be taken care of and cultivated. woh.

It is a very tall, very wide tree.

Imagine all the things its seen in the last 5,000 years…

Salah (left) is the caretaker of the tree.  The first time I visited he and a friend were just hanging out smoking a shihsa. The second time I went Salah was wearing an official Ministry of Tourism hat, and said he had been officially designated the keeper of the tree. It was also around this time that the route of the wall was announced, and was set to go right past the old dear.

The third time I saw Bedouie there was a group of school kids being shown around. Salah was still in his hat.

The last time I visited, Salah was still there.


And if you’re lucky, he will be there when you visit too.

For more on the wall now running just west of Bedouie, click here

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