Started as a blog in 2008, revamped in 2015 and migrated in 2016, this space is a growing one. Created as place to collect, share, and comment on a huge variety of material, ArabicBooksCulture is meant as the temporary home for a few different projects.

  1. The quiz! – have you taken it yet?
  2. The Little Bag Called Cairo Рan ongoing story dedicated to the Egyptian to whom the little canvas sack will one day belong.
  3. Online Publications – written by me, about me, or on the research I’m doing
  4. The blog –¬†plays host to all sorts of content, whcih is variously organized on the homepage. Click, comment, critiqe.
  5. Translating Theory‘ – a Wiktionary and emerging project, meant to spur conversation and thinking about what it means to bring words and ideas from one cultural and linguistic context to the next

Comments, questions, and suggestions as always, welcome!

Wait, did you want to hear about me?

Currently a Research Fellow at SOAS, University of London. Summer abroad Arabic programs in Morocco and Palestine, and MA in Islamic Studies, thesis (the North American kind) on identity in Palestinian Literature, work as coordinator for an NGO training Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis in community orgaizing, a very great deal of work in a Palestinian news room acting as staff writer and editor on articles from the 2008 war on Gaza to the Lettuce Festival of Irtas. Then another long stretch earning a PhD in Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East, also with a focus on Palestinian works. This was followed by a return to Jordan then Palestine with the Council for British Research in the Levant, and teaching Comparative Literature and English at King’s College London. Current work is with AHRC/OWRI project on ‘Creative Multilingualism,’ where I’m looking at representations of ‘trauma’ in Arabic Literature (Find us on twitter here) and what happens when the concept is re-defined through other language contexts. Phew. If I left anything out, shoot me an e-mail.