‘Enjoy Jerusalem’… and plotting the next adventure

The ability to not get hopelessly lost in Jerusalem’s Old City felt like the pinnacle of achievements once upon a time. One always knows that there is more to see, but the new Enjoy Jerusalem website really proves the point.

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Ayin Silwan

A little-known treasure for the visiting set, and a little-visited site for anyone not from the Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem, the spring (Ayin) is rather an oasis set amid a somewhat less tranquil area where excavations to find the lost ‘City of David’ mean increasing pressure on residents.

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Walk the ramparts

Above the hustle and bustle, a stroll along the top of Jerusalem’s Old City walls means a flip of perspective; like seeing things from the inside out. That goes for everything from the markets to the communal church gardens, the old battlements and the city’s history as a fortress, as well as the back side of the Israeli police headquarters, all smushed into one square kilometre.

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