Ayin Silwan

A little-known treasure for the visiting set, and a little-visited site for anyone not from the Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem, the spring (Ayin) is rather an oasis set amid a somewhat less tranquil area where excavations to find the lost ‘City of David’ mean increasing pressure on residents.

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So you want to read in Arabic?

Or learn Arabic more generally?

Check out Nathan’s 20 tips on reaching fluency

Take a gander at his compiled list of useful resources on how to study Arabic and it’ll be no time till you’re picking up a novel.

My own advice? Pick a book, start reading and just keep going. Look up words for the first chapter then only look up key words to keep you going. Once you’re done, go back and read sections you’re unsure of. This was how I got through my first Arabic novel on my own. It took about a month of solid reading, and was only 150 pages, but, you have to start somewhere!

Echoing Yaffa

Soundscapes of Palestine on the sea bounce through your earbuds, conjuring scenes from the Karmel Market; the old mayor sitting in a bustling coffee shop (my imagined version was in fes and suit jacket), the owner fiddling with the dial on the new radio as passersby lingered to hear the latest news broadcast by Radio Palestine.

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